About Us


Oregon Ridge Academy of Music believes that every human is innately musical and this intrinsic ability can be nourished and developed. Our mission is to reach out to people of all levels of interest and ability, of all ages and walks of life, and guide them on their musical journey, providing instruction of the highest quality.

It is our belief and working assumption that “talent” is vastly overrated. Ability is interest. Interest leads to willingness to spend time. Spending time leads to results. Of course we all vary in our physiology and reflexes, but these factors are minor compared to consistency of time spent at the instrument. Our task is twofold: to nurture the student’s interest and love of music, and to realize the student’s potential through good teaching techniques.


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William Zvarick received both his bachelors and masters degree from the Peabody institute of the Johns Hopkins University. He studied with the great teacher Leon Fleisher and was one of only four freshmen Mr. Fleisher accepted into his studio. Additionally he has studied with renowned international concert artist and teacher Susan Starr. William started teaching very early, while he himself was still a student. After nearly four decades of teaching it continues to be a passion for him to discover and cultivate the innate musical abilities in students of all ages and levels. His teaching philosophy is one of rigor that was handed down to him by his teachers and their great traditions (on Mr. Fleisher’s side the tradition goes back directly to Beethoven himself) combined with a non-intimidating approach that meets each student at his or her own level. William has extensive experience teaching on all levels, from guiding the beginner through the process of laying a solid foundation, to preparing advanced students for conservatory auditions. He is equally at home teaching Chopin or piano arrangements of rock music, always allowing the student’s own interests to flourish. When not teaching, practicing or performing, William is a licensed acupuncturist and a flamenco dancer.