Studio Policies



Tuition is due for the entire semester on or before the first lesson of the semester. One of our payment methods, Paypal, allows qualified customers to make payments in interest free installments. Lessons started after the beginning of the semester will be prorated. This prorated amount is due on or before the first lesson taken. Lessons are non-refundable. Payment is to guarantee your slot for the semester and the Academy shall not assume any financial responsibility for absences due to sports, illness etc. The Academy shall assume financial responsibility for lessons missed by the instructor, and the fee for these missed lessons will be refunded. For lessons cancelled due to inclement weather make-ups will be offered during make-up week at the end of the semester.


The Academy will not necessarily follow the public schools. Often inclement weather in the morning will not affect afternoon and evening lessons. Please contact us directly to determine the status of lessons during inclement weather.


Written notice is required to withdraw from a semester. Upon receipt of written notice of intent to withdraw, the student/parent is responsible for the per lesson amount of the next two lessons following receipt of written notice. This amount is non-refundable regardless of attendance.


Several repertoire classes will be offered during the year. These informal classes provide a low stress, non “performance” opportunity for students to try out pieces in progress. Students can stop and start, play excerpts, or even just talk about the pieces they are working on. This class is invaluable in exposing students to piano repertoire. Hearing a piece played in “real time” is the best way for a student to be inspired to learn a piece. In the spring there will be a recital open to friends and family for students who are adequately prepared to present a piece for performance.


Daily, SCHEDULED practice time is the surest way your investment in music lessons will pay off. The lesson establishes what needs to be worked on during the week,but the actual learning occurs in the practice sessions. Especially for younger students, parental support in cultivating good practice habits is essential. Students are required to fill out a daily practice journal each week between lessons. Having a physical record of practice sessions helps students focus on what they are actually accomplishing. The payoff in cultivating this discipline is great as students achieve pride of hard won accomplishment. Music study is very honest. You get out what you put in! Students will go through natural cycles of enthusiasm and discouragement, and consistency is the key to guiding the young student through these natural swings. The beginning of school semesters for older kids – and their parents – is a very common time for everyone to feel overwhelmed. But many years of experience indicate that after several weeks the busiest student finds his/her stride. Consistency is the key!


The academy regards music lessons as equal to any other academic subject. Indeed studies indicate that learning a musical instrument enhances academic success. Sports and other extracurricular activities are not considered valid reasons for not practicing during the week. Please respect our curriculum and our commitment to your child’s music education. Regard it as a private extension of academics that would otherwise be unavailable for your child.


Please enter the studio through the back door at the far end of the patio and enter into the waiting room. Parents of minors are expected to be on the premises during the lesson, either in the waiting room, the patio during good weather, or in the studio itself. Actually sitting in on the lesson is encouraged as it keeps the parent connected to the student’s learning process. However if siblings are present it’s often best for parent and sibling(s) to be in the waiting room or on the patio as it can be difficult for young kids especially to remain appropriately still during a lesson.